Visa Debit/ATM Card: (888) 241-2440
Visa Credit Card: (800) 237-6211 (Main Phone Number)

There are many different types of fraud out there and we would like to provide a few examples. Always remember not to provide your card information to just anyone or any site.


We have a company that monitors all transactions on your card to help keep your money safe. They will try contacting you in regards to the charges they have flagged as suspicious and block your card. Another reason to make sure that we have your updated contact information. Please note that if you are unsure if the fraud alert is accurate, you can always contact our office during business hours for confirmation or call the VISA DEBIT CARD number above. Scammers are always finding new ways to get information but don’t worry, the fraud department attempts to notice suspicious activity on your debit card account and will temporarily block your card until you contact them back to confirm or deny the charges.


In regards to online purchases, there are secured sites that have a lock symbol by the website address, unsecured ones usually will not have that symbol. When purchasing items online or signing up for anything, please read the fine print and watch out for subscriptions. If you are unsure of certain charges, please contact us for assistance. Subscriptions are not fraud.


Text messaging is another form of fraud. We offer fraud alert text messages for the Visa Credit Card only. Phone calls are a common form of phishing for information. For example, the IRS and Social Security Administration contact you in writing, not by phone. Once again, if you are unsure if any message, phone call, or alert is true, please contact your financial institution or the company directly. For our cards after hours, please use the numbers listed above.


Phishing emails are another way of tricking members into sending their personal information to fraudulent companies. We offer Adobe Sign to send documents with confidential information securely. Forms are sent upon request and please remember to verify current emails when requesting documents to be sent to you.


ATM fraud happens in many different forms, for example there could be card readers where the card is swiped to pull the information off of the card. There are WIFIs that can pull card information if you are in certain area. Cameras can be used to see card information. Please use our ATM locater for the correct ones to use so that you are not going to a non-secure ATM.


If traveling out of state or the country, please notify us and any other financial institutions you may have with the location of the trip and the dates, so that the card is not blocked when traveling.

With all the new fraud out there, remember to check your account regularly. We make it easy with online banking and the mobile application. If there are charges that you don’t recognize and have not been contacted by the fraud department, feel free to contact our office for assistance. We are here to help our members and the best way to keep your account secure is by checking your statements regularly and being aware of where your card information is being entered.




  • Never participated in transaction (i.e., did not give card information to family or friends at any time)


  • Member attempted to resolve the disputed transaction with the merchant directly

For disputes, when contacting the merchant please ask the following questions and retain records of communication as we will need you to provide them to us:

  1. What, specifically was purchased? (i.e. date, product type)
  2. When was the product scheduled to arrive or service be provided?
  3. Were services cancelled? If so, when?
  4. What was the reason for the cancellation?
  5. Date you contacted the company by phone or email, name of representative and tracking number if possible.

Phone Numbers

Visa Debit/ATM Card: (888) 241-2440
Visa Credit Card: (800) 237-6211 (Main Phone Number)
Debit Card PIN Change: 1-866-762-0558

*If traveling out of state or the country, please notify us and any other financial institutions you may have with the location of the trip and the dates, so that the card is not blocked when traveling.



Visa Debit/ATM Card: (888) 241-2440
Visa Credit Card: (800) 237-6211 (Main Phone Number)

*If traveling out of state or the country, please notify us and any other financial institutions you may have with the location of the trip and the dates, so that the card is not blocked when traveling.

How do I apply for a Visa Credit Card?

Learn about our Visa Credit Card and Download our Visa Application here. Remember to submit it with your proof of income, just like our loan applications.

How do I activate my Visa Credit/Debit Card?

For Visa Credit Cards, please call the number on the card when received to activate it. For the Debit Card, please call the number on the paper the card comes with (800)466-0040. If you misplaced the number or if you have any issues activating your cards, please call our office @ 818-367-1057 to help activate the card for you.

What if I lose my card?

Go to our Contact Us page for correct phone numbers. Replacement fees are listed in our Fee Schedule.

How do I locate a nearby no-surcharge ATM?

Please use our ATM Locater.

Does the credit union have access to my PIN?

No, the credit union does not have access to your PIN and cannot recover it if you misplace/forget it. If you forget your PIN and need a replacement, please call our office to verify your information and have a new one mailed to you. Replacement PINs are subject to a fee, please see our fee schedule for current fee.

I blocked my card from incorrect PIN entries, what do I do?

Please call our office to help you unblock your card. 818-367-1057

What is the maximum cash that can be withdrawn from an ATM?

$500 per day for debit cards. $300 per day for Visa credit cards.

What is the maximum amount for point-of-sale purchases?

$1000 per day. Please call our office if you need to spend more than this in one day. Visa credit cards are subject to their credit limit.

My card is about to expire, when will I receive a new one?

Debit cards are re-issued in the beginning of the month that they are set to expire. Your current card will be valid until the end of the month it expires. Replacement cards will be mailed to the address on file. Please contact us if the address and/or phone number has been changed.

Please activate new card as soon as it is received. PIN will remain the same. Visa Credit Cards are re-issued the month prior to expiration.

If you do not receive your replacement card, please call our office for further assistance.

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